True friends

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True friends

Who are the real, true friends? This is a very important question for everyone. True friend is anyone who knows you well. Your true friends tell you the truth in every situation. They can considerately give you the truth like nobody else. They know what they should tell you, which questions they should ask you in the right moment. True friends don't need words. They understand you even during times when all other people are quiet. They have this very special smile which has a miraculous effect on you. This smile is a special gift which only friends can understand. What else?
True friends take interest in you and your life. They don't expect anything from you. Friendship isn't a game for them. Friendship is a special connection between you and your friend. We should ask ourselves how many true friends we really have. True friends don't ever forget about the important things in your life such as your wedding, birth of your baby or the first date with your partner. By this I don't mean the dates or the anniversaries of these days. I mean they are informed and that you understand each other. You want to share happiness and sadness with them. That's really important. Each of you can say anything on that topic. What do you think?

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